Kuntze versus Sabrina Hunn und alias, die Agentin

Ein Angebot:

Nette Wohnung, oder? 500 Euro am Viktualienmarkt, Rosental für 113m²? Geil, das ist mit Abstand eine der teuersten Adressen und Ecken der Stadt. Na, die schreib ich doch gleich mal an!

Thank you for contact me about the apartment in München…The apartment is still available, I am the owner of the apartment in München…I wont be living in there. So, the entire apartment could be yours :).
The apartment is fully furnished, could be rented unfurnished too-same price if unfurnished, all the utilities are included (water, garbage, electricity, heat..etc). Pets are allowed. The entire apartment is for rent and the price per month is EUR 500.
Has elevator, washer/dryer in unit, A/C, dishwasher, parking–1 Car Garage, safe neighborhood, nice neighbors, very quiet, no noise, close to transportation and everything else,floor 2.Address:
Rosental 7
80331 München , Altstadt 

Pictures (those are the real pictures of the apartment):

Please tell me in short what exactly are you looking for and which are your requirements?

Thank you,

Na, das ist ja super. Der Link führt auf eine Fotosammlung, die man auch bei Immoscout24.de finden konnte. Die Wohnung ist echt super und die Lage – na geradezu perfekt!  

Eine seltsame Sache ist aber schon dabei: Simona Hunn heißt auf einmal Simona Terra. Wow, ein Alias. Die Frau ist Agentin!

Also nix wie eine Antwort geschrieben!

Hi Simona,
we are much impressed by the flat layout and obviously the location, too. Just to clarify: you said utilities are included, does that cover heating costs as well? Apart from that, we are happy with the furniture and it would save us a lot of trouble if we could rent the flat furnished.
Dominik and Cornelia
Wir sind total begeistert und überhaupt, es ist ja so phantastisch…. stimmt das eigentlich alles?
Hi again,
Just a few more info.The whole apartment is for EUR 500 per month including all bills.
I am asking for the first 2 month’s rent payment plus 1 month as security deposit, it’s EUR 1500 in total.The security deposit is refundable. Equal size-3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, 110 m2, floor #2, washer/dryer in unit, A/C, dishwasher,balcony, parking–1 garage included in the rent,also internet, safe neighborhood, nice neighbors, very quiet, no noise, close to transportation and everything else. It’s fully furnished, but i can rent it unfurnished also, same price if unfurnished, will use a moving company if you want it unfurnished. As i said pets are allowed. Building has maintenance-included in the rent. The lenght of the lease is flexible: long/short term. I have to tell you that I am in Bolton, UK, I am here with a job contract for 5 years, I am in my first year now, i come to Germany every 6 months for 3 or 4 days and if you rent the apartment i will stay to a hotel. If you want to see the apartment i would need your address where the keys to be fedex-overnight to you, we will talk about the payment process for the EUR 1500 and about the other details, but, first, if there is somethig else that you want to know please feel free to ask.
Thank you,
Ahja, also die will gleich 1500 Euro von mir für lau. naja, ich war zufällig grad am Marienplatz und dachte mir, ich schau da mal nach…. Sie werden’s kaum glauben…. da weiß gar keiner was davon….

Update 2. März 2011

Mittlerweile habe ich ein bisschen Journalist gespielt und Recherche betrieben. So fuhr ich gestern mal schnell am Marienplatz vorbei. Am Marienplatz hatte sich mir das gleiche Bild wie später bei Jamie (siehe hier) geboten. Nur daß mir dort niemand die Türe aufgemacht hatte, aber Rosental 7? Nein,frei ist hier nichts.

Natürlich ist Herr Kuntze ganz erstaunt und schreibt doch gleich seine künftige Vermieterin an.

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 23:32:19 +0100
From: Lastknightnik@hotmail.com
To: simonahrean@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Anfrage zu Ihrem Objekt 59244341

Hi Simona,

I’m so sorry for the late reply but I’ve some very important dates these days. One of them were at Marienplatz in Munich, nearby my next flat! After the Date I went to the house to see the flat and…. well, what could I say? Nobody there wants to exit! Everybody will keep their flat.

Are you Sure, You send me the right address?

Thank you,

Mittlerweile habe ich meine Emailadresse und meinen Namen geändert. Ob sie das wohl bemerkt hat?

Hat sie nicht. Im Gegenteil, heute morgen erstaunte mich diese Nachricht:

Hi there,

I have given a great deal of thought about this and i think that sending the keys is not such a good ideea. I want to use a third party to handle this for us and i hope it’s ok for you, too.

I want to use the Parcel2Go company. They are a well known company all over the world. So, I went to their office in Bolton and i told them that i want to rent my apartment and they told me that they have a new service i can use.

I ‚ve already paid the fees(GBP200).

So, here is how it goes:

I start over the process with Parcel2Go here in Bolton and i leave the keys and a copy of the contract at Parcel2Go. Then they’ll e-mail you all the information you need to continue the transaction at your end. As per the Parcel2Go’s instructions you send the funds to Parcel2Go and then Parcel2Go will FedEx-overnight the keys and the contract to you. Then you look around the apartment and decide whether take it or not. if you decide not to rent the apartment Parcel2Go will refund you within 24 hours and you return the keys to me. It’s clear and simple. This is the only way to do it given the circumstances and that is an overseas rental process. All i want is to both be safe.

The deposit you have to send it’s EUR 1500 and it’s for the first 2 months and for the security deposit. This is the Parcel2Go Service I am talking about, read the Phase 1 and Phase 2 to better understand the process:


Should i begin the process with Parcel2Go? Please e-mail me and let me know and tomorrow you could have the keys in hand if you complete your end in a timely fasion.

Thank you

ich mußte das zwei Mal lesen bevor es mir gelingen konnte, das Lachen währenddessen unter Kontrolle zu kriegen.  Das riecht doch nach der Sache mit DHL, ich meine Moneybookers. Naja, ich kann ja getrost sagen daß ich das System nicht verstehe, das habe ich mittlerweile ganz gut drauf.

Aber daß die Tuss nicht einmal geschnallt hat daß ich sie durchschaut habe und das offen schreibe verwundert mich. Wie dumm ist die eigentlich? Oder ist das eine Maschine, die mich mit automatisch generierten Antworten nerven will? Naja, Beschäftigungstherapie ist es allemal und jeder braucht halt ein Hobby.

Hey Simona,

the idea with the third party is great, i love partys, too. Please begin the process with parceltogo, they seem to be very correct to me.

May i help you with the fees of 200 GBP? Clearly, i don’t want to make you financial circumstances. But i have a question as well: How does the service pay my money back. And do you know where a parcel2go service is here in munich?

Thank you,

Mal gucken ob sie eine Adresse für mich hat. Ich hab dann auch eine für sie.


Update 6.3.2011:

Simona Terra hat mir doch tatsächlich eine Mail geschickt vorgeblich von Parcel2Go. Gleiches Schema wie bei der DHL-Mail und sogar gleicher Text!

Do not contact us by phone!!!  We understand your desire to speak with someone on the phone. However, please understand that Parcel2GO`s primary focus is to provide support to our community through the most efficient methods available. We have found that providing email and Internet support allows us to give quick, reliable, and consistent answers to questions and concerns. Using email also allows us to document what was communicated in previous emails to you and to avoid duplication of responses.
Phone support simply does not serve our member’s needs as well as email does.

To contact us please e-mail us at parcel2go@europe.com.
Using email also allows us to document what was communicated in previous emails to you and to avoid duplication of responses. Phone support simply does not serve our member’s needs as well as email does.

For Property rejection please send us an e-mail at parcel2go@europe.com, at the subject line please write „Rejection for transaction #UK773039028DE“ and a customer representative will contact you for further information.

Super, was? Auf gar keinen Fall anrufen, denn wir sind nicht echt.

Noch netter war dann aber die  Nachricht von Simona:


I have paid GBP200 wich means EUR239 as fees at Parcel2Go,also i paid the fees for overnight delivery for tomorrow, if you do not complete your end today I have to pay the same fees again tomorrow and I would want to avoid that.
Hope you are with me on this,please?
I`m waiting for your e-mail please.

Did you received the confirmation e-mail from Parcel2Go? I need a confirmation from you!

Please reply,

Sie braucht eine Bestätigung. Ich hatte ihr schonmal geschrieben daß ich nix bekommen habe und immerhin hat sie einen halben Tag gewartet bis sie mir die Mail noch einmal schickte. Da sie ja eh nix zahlen muß beenbde ich das nun mit einem boshaften: Ich habe Dich durchschaut, Rumänenbraut! Oder so.

hey Simona,
unfortunately i recived an Email that said that you are a cheater. The flat isn’t real. I couldn’t believe that a such pretty girl like you is cheating because – I LIVE AT THE SAME ADRESS THAT YOU GAVE ME! AND THE FOTOS AREN’T FROM HERE, Cheater!
Okay – my Names and adresses were fakes as well – so i think we’re balanced now.
But thanks for your Time. 😀


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